Mental Health Issue

This disease is characterized for presenting both positive and negative symptoms.

The positive symptoms include hallucinations and delirium, while the negative include affective and emotional flattening, and social withdrawal, among others.

Some other cognitive disorders, like work memory and attention, have generated interest recently for the importance they bear in the efforts to incorporate a schizophrenic patient into the work environment or social relations.

The neurophysiological studies have shown disorders in the interaction between cerebral cortex regions, measured with the coherence test, associated with gabaergic neurons deficiency. They have also shown connection alterations between the frontolateral and temporal regions.

Some psychosis types do not display the typical alterations in coherence, but they frequently present frontal alterations, and in some other cases, in parietal regions. This finding indicates that there are different diseases that manifest as psychosis. Schizophrenia is a part of psychoses and the main characteristic in them is the loss of the capacity to perceive reality.

The care will depend on the cerebral alteration type, always with the objective of facilitating the patient’s recovery and his reinstatement in the labor and social environment.


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